Google Starts Removing Personal Medical Records from Search Results

With Google’s domination in the world of technology, it’s difficult to imagine that the search results in Google won’t feature something about anyone who is active on internet. While it’s pretty difficult to get rid of something from Google’s search results, over the years the company removed personal information which can be risky for the owners. However, the search engine giant recently confirmed that it will remove sensitive reports of individuals’ medical records from the search results following the company’s updated policies.

The latest news comes according to a report by Bloomberg which pointed out that the company has added a single line to inform users that it will remove “confidential, personal medical records of private people”.

The move from the company comes after earlier last year an Indian pathology lab mistakenly uploaded more than 43,000 patients’ blood test including their names. Shortly afterwards Google indexed the information which might have put people in difficult situation in case they had some sensitive information.

As a result, this latest addition of removal policy should come as a relief for everyone. Prior to the changed policies, Google would remove information which could contribute towards any instances of identity theft. Shortly afterwards, the company started removing nude images or revenge porn from its search results upon users’ requests. You can check out the updated policy by going to the official page of the company in case you want to remove any personal information related to medical condition.

Source: Bloomberg

Featured Image: Flickr/Ian Lewis

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