Google Releases Android O Developer Preview with Final API

With release of Android O is just few months away, Google earlier on Thursday released the third developer preview of the upcoming operating system with final APIs.

The company revealed that the newly released build contains all the final APIs aside from a number of bugfixes. The latest API 26 SDK is available with the SDK manager Android Studio and Android Support Library from the company’s repository. If you are an Android developer, then these tools contain everything you need to develop your apps for the upcoming OS and its API.

This release comes shortly after last month the company made the beta version of the operating system available for developers during its annual I/O. The company has confirmed that there will be one more preview update for the OS before it gets official consumer release later this summer.

In case you didn’t know, the upcoming operating system will introduce notification channels and dots to increase user engagements in different applications. Apart from that, the operating system will contain a picture-in-picture feature to keep one application available on screen while users are multitasking.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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