Google Makes It Easier To Send Emoji

Few weeks earlier, Google introduced its Gboard to help people type faster by implementing machine learning algorithm to identify different characters. As usual, the service was expected to be better over time and now, the Gboard has got some additional features that will help you to save time and type faster.

Google recently updated the Android version of the keyboard to help it to recognize users’ intentions. Thanks to the latest update, you can now draw an emoji rather than scrolling for a while to find them. While the feature isn’t particularly helpful for smartphones and other devices with bigger screens, it can be time saving on devices that feature small screen.

Apart from the added support for emoji, the keyboard now includes suggestions for different words as you draw it to make the typing process faster. The latest update has brought support for several languages including Belgian French. However, it’s  not known when we will get the feature for iOS but given that Google takes pretty shot time to introduce its updates across multiple platforms, it’s likely that we will get the update in coming days rather than weeks.

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt

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