Google to Make Printing on ChromeOS Easier

Google is pushing hard to enter the desktop operating system market for a while now and recently the company added support Android app support for several Chromebook models. While the Chromebook keeps getting better, printing from the operating system was always a difficult task since you would need to get your printer connected with Google Cloud Print before the printer showed up on ChromeOS. However, in order to make the printing process easier for everyone.

With the newly added feature to ChromeOS, you can finally connect your device running the operating system to a printer offline. However, in order to use the feature, you will need to update your device’s OS to version 59 or later. If you are fan of the cloud printing feature, then rest assured, the feature is still available on Chromebooks which is convenient for printing from distance.

Nevertheless, the latest addition of the printing capability is a welcome one as all devices running ChromeOS will get the update in the coming days. Thanks to increasing popularity of Chromebooks across different areas, Microsoft is also planning on entering the market with its Windows 10S. In order to stay competitive, Google will definitely need to provide competitive services. The latest inclusion hopefully is one of the several features to come for the Chromebooks.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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