Google to Face Record Fine over Anti-Trust Breaches

Google Has been facing pretty tough time lately as the tech giant few months earlier saw several heavy weight company removing themselves away from the companies advertising platform. And now, the company is set to face an antitrust fine of more than $1 billion from the European regulators according to reports

The latest fine comes after it was revealed that the search engine giant used its dominance to build its shopping service. The European Commission has brought charges against Google’s parent company Alphabet back in 2015 after several rivals of the company had pointed out that there’ve been distortion of search results to favor its shopping service.

The latest charge however, isn’t new as the company was previously charged for ‘blocking out’ its rivals with its ‘AdSense for search’ platform used by company’s Android Operating System.

The charge is expected to be brought within next couple of weeks and it will most likely be capped at a maximum of 10 percent of the company’s annual revenue. Since 2000, European regulators have launched investigations against some of the top US companies including Apple, Google and Facebook which have triggered the suggestions that the authority is running a campaign against the top US brands. However, the European Commission has rejected the idea.

Featured Image: Flickr/Shawn Collins

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