Google Adds a new Tool to Project Sunroof Website

Google Launches New Ads Measurement System

If you were wondering who of your neighbors have installed solar panels, then Google has made the process of knowing the information easier with its latest tool on its Project Sunroof website to pinpoint the households which have installed solar panels.

In case you didn’t know, Project Sunroof is a service provided by Google to provide people estimate of how much they can save by implementing solar panels in their houses’ rooftop. Earlier in march, the company said that it has data on more than 60 million buildings in the US. And now, the newly added feature called ‘Data Explorer’ aims to persuade people to include solar panels in their homes. The latest featured adds social pressure by displaying a red dot on top of a building to let others know if a house has solar panel installed.

The service is designed after the studies which showed previously that if someone in your neighborhood installs a solar panel, you are likely to be persuaded to do same. In addition to the calculated savings, this social pressure also have positive effects regarding the technology. So far, Google has identified more than 700,000 installations and the company said that the number of solar panels is likely to rise in the coming months.

When the service was launched, it manually identified solar panels from images. However, the company now uses machine learning to identify solar panels automatically from Google Maps and Google Earth. As a result, the service will include more accurate information on the matter in the coming months.

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt

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