Google Adds Android Excellence to Improve Quality of Applications on Play Store

Although Android is the most popular operating system among users around the world, users often have hard time at the Play Store due to abundance of applications. In order to improve user experience on Android devices, Google has introduced a new featured to its Play Store to highlight applications with solid ratings.

The newly introduced feature, ‘Android Excellence’ is aimed at showcasing different applications which follow the company’s guidelines. The company said revealed in an Android Developers blog, “Every day developers around the world are hard at work creating high quality apps and games on Android. Striving to deliver amazing experiences for an ever growing diverse user base, we’ve seen a significant increase in the level of polish and quality of apps and games on Google Play.”

While there are several applications to feature initially in the section, the collection will be refreshed regularly along with the updated ‘Editors’ Choice’ section to show which applications provide the best experience to customers.

This news comes after few weeks earlier, users became victim of a phishing scam used by a developer to collect information of a number of users. Despite that, Google has stretched its dominance over Apple in recent years and downloads of applications from the Play Store is more than likely to increase in the coming months as the company increases its global audience reach by entering emerging markets in countries like India and Indonesia.

Featured Image: Flickr/Rob Bulmahn

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