Fifty Shades of Grey Director Talks about the Movie

Although Fifty Shades of Grey became massively successful in the global box office, the movies were thrashed by critics in general. Despite its massive success, there are people who wish that the movie was never made. Interestingly, director Sam Taylor-Johnson recently said during an interview with the Sunday Times that she wouldn’t make the movie ever again.

The director commented that both she and the author E.L. James weren’t happy about the final product despite the series’ massive success over last couple of years. She said, “With the benefit of hindsight would I go through it again? Of course I wouldn’t. I’d be mad. It was a struggle and there were lots of onset tête-à-têtes, with me trying to bat it into the [right] place. I like everyone, and I get really confused when they don’t like me. I was so confused by E.L. James. I don’t understand when I can’t navigate a person, when there’s no synergy.”

The news regarding the creative differences on the set however, isn’t new. Sam Taylor-Johnson also talked to the Hollywood Reporter recently about the issue. At the time she said, “Two different creative visions. Her vision versus mine, and they were polar opposite. Every scene was fought over. It was tough. It was like wading uphill through sticky tar. Her thing was, ‘This is what the fans expect.’ I’d be like, ‘Well, let’s try and hit those marks but create a new universe at the same time.'”

These comments are pretty disappointing to say the least since the original books sold over 125 million copies worldwide. The results of the creative differences could be seen in the movie’s performances in the box office as well. Although Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t became critically acclaimed, the sequel of the movie went downhill. The sequel managed to collect $378 million compared to $571 million by the Fifty Shades of Grey.
Featured Image: Flickr/Nigel Horsley

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