Facebook Wants to be a Hostile Place for Terrorists

Facebook is trying to make the platform a better place as over last several months, the social networking giant has come under heavy criticisms for its role in spreading fake news. Apart from that, the company came under heavy criticisms after it repeatedly failed to remove contents related to violence and terrorism. Recently, the company has outlined its methods to tackle terrorism and similar threats.

In an official blog post, the company revealed that they are working to remove accounts which are used for terrorism related activities. In addition to that, the company is using its AI to find more accounts. The company has implement several methods including image-matching for terrorist images and videos along with clusters. As these accounts are connected, the contents are posted across networks of multiple accounts.

In the blog post, the company revealed, “We are currently focusing our most cutting edge techniques to combat terrorist content about ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates, and we expect to expand to other terrorist organizations in due course.”

Apart from the automated efforts, the company has mentioned that there are more than 150 employees in the company who focuses primarily on contents related to terrorism and similar offenses.

This latest post comes after the company became center of several high profile discussion. Most recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that Facebook has created a safe space for violence as both UK and France are considering to implement new regulations to fine technology companies which will fail to take action against the terrorism related activities.

Prior to that, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company will hire 3,000 staffs to fight the problems against the fake news related Issues and violence. We will need to wait to see how the

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