Facebook Updates Its Safety Check Feature

Facebook’s Safety Check is one of the most popular features of the platform during the time of crisis. In order to make the feature even more useful, the company has introduced several new additions. The latest additions of features includes an expanded Community Help, Crisis Descriptions and Fundraisers for the crisis.

The expanded community help feature means that users will now be able to ask for or provide help at the time of crisis. The feature was initially launched few weeks earlier for iOS and Android devices but the company made the feature available for desktop.

Secondly, users of the social network are now able to include description of crisis within the safety check feature to let everyone know about the type of crisis and how the users of the network can help affected people.

Apart from these, users can now start a fundraising event to help out those who are affected by the crisis. With the latest inclusion, users can now create or donate to a fundraiser for either charity or personal need. The feature will be available to users almost immediately following the crisis thus helping everyone. The company has revealed that the feature will be rolled out to the users in the United States in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: Freegreatpicture

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