Czech Scientists Says that Hidden Asteroids Pose Threat to Earth

Few weeks earlier, a meteoroid went past earth closer than expected after scientists discovered it just 12 days prior to the event. Now, a group of Czech scientists have said that they have discovered a several other meteors that belong to the meteor stream known as Taurus which could potentially have serious threat to earth in future.

In case you didn’t know, the Taurids are responsible for four separate meteor showers each year and they are one of the most closely studied meteor streams. In the latest study, scientists have claimed that the stream is made up of fragments left by a massive comet roughly 30,000 years earlier. In the paper scientists depicted the branch as source of a potentially hazardous objects which can cause significant damage on Earth.

While the meteor showers derived from the events are far from prolific, for several years, it has provided enhanced meteor activities. Most recently in 2015, the Southern Taurids featured an unusually large number of meteors. The group of researchers studied the recorded observations and the analysis has suggested that the branch contains more than two asteroids which are more than 100 feet in the diameter. As a result, the researchers have suggested that the branch most likely contains even larger asteroids.

The researchers wrote, “Although our data show that large Taurids have porous and fragile structure, objects of tens or hundreds of meters in size pose a hazard to the ground even if they have low intrinsic strength.”

However, this is far from the first time astronomers have warned about the potential threat and damage these objects can cause. For instance, back in 1908, an asteroid exploded in the sky above Siberia which was responsible for leveling 400 square miles of forest.

Featured Image: NASA

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