You Can Now Select Cortana to Be Your Voice Assistant

Digital assistant market is currently one of the hottest areas of technology as companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple are bringing their own digital assistant. Few months earlier, Microsoft introduced revamped Cortana to compete with other popular digital assistant. While the app at the time didn’t deliver the promises, the latest update to Cortana can replace Google assistant on your Android phones.

If you are using Cortana as your personal assistant on PC, you can benefit from the latest update. The latest update not only replaces the Google assistant but also carries out same actions in your computer. For example, if you missed a call or received a notification on your smartphone, you can see the missed call or notification from your computer. Similarly any notification from the PC can be transferred to your smartphone which makes the assistant an attractive option for users.

This is the first time Microsoft is pushing the app to become your digital assistant although previously you could select the app to replace default Google Assistant. However, as the latest update provide more convenient ways to remain updated about all of your devices using Cortana, the latest addition might go a long way for Microsoft in the market.

You can select Cortana to be your personal assistant pretty easily. First time you open the app after installing it, the app will ask you to select some features you want to be shown in the lock screen. Afterwards, you can select Cortana to be your default assistant in the input section of settings. The update is now available in the Play Store.

Featured Image: Flickr/brar_j

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