Bloodline Co-Creator Explains that Big Episodes from Season 3

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The third and final season of Bloodline circled around Kevin’s trial up until season 9. When the episode 9 of the series aired, it changed the storyline completely with John at the center of the storyline tha depicted the character at the middle of mental breakdown. Recently, show’s co-creator Todd Kessler talked about the decision of giving the character such an episode.

He said, “From our point of view, as crafting this and why this episode, the ninth, the second to last, why take an episode to do this for John, is to really enter into his psyche and to put the audience, once again, in the shoes of John where he’s confused and he doesn’t know what’s going on and he doesn’t know what’s reality and what’s not reality. It’s very much in essence a mental breakdown for John. It moves off of the format of previous episodes for the entire series because this is really delving into John’s subconscious. And it allows Danny to reappear; it allows us to explore more of John’s subconscious, what he’s thinking and wrestling with and his true showdown with his own identity in his role within the family. There was no way of getting to that level of storytelling without taking John on this journey.”

Latest comment from Kessler showcases different angel of the story although it’s understandable why the episode created fan split. For example, the fans didn’t have enough time to grasp the storyline to the buildup of the event and it was complete overhaul.

Regardless of fans’ opinion, Bloodline has finished its run and fans won’t be getting any new storyline in the coming months. You can check out all of the three seasons on Netflix right now.

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