BBC Denies Claim that the Iguana vs Snake Chase Was Faked

Fans had a decent laugh thanks to Planet Earth II’s Iguana vs Snake chase segment few months earlier. However, recently the segment became center of discussion after the producer said that the segment didn’t happen exactly as we saw it.

Earlier on yesterday, she said, “It wasn’t the same iguana, no, and often we have to augment it with other clips. For continuity, it was better to crop the scenes together based off of the two cameras we had at the time to create the best possible scene.”

While that would make sense, BBC has denied Elizabeth White’s claim that the segment was faked in any way. The network released an official statement via a spokeswoman who explained the segment’s camera work.

She said, “The final iguana chase in which one iguana escapes the snakes was – unusually for natural history filming – shot using two cameras, allowing us to follow both the individual iguana and the snakes’ point of view.”

“What was captured in the field was extraordinary animal behavior which had never been witnessed or filmed before.”

“This is absolutely in keeping with the norms of natural history film-making – and absolutely in line with the BBC’s editorial policy guidelines, and was a true representation of animal behavior.”

While we won’t know for sure which party is accurate, we can take BBC’s response and enjoy the segment which became highly popular among audiences.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Public Domain Image

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