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Apple Suppliers in China are Accused of Unauthorized Sell of Data

Apple became a central point of discussions few months earlier when the company refused to crack down an iPhone used by a terrorist to help FBI during the investigation. While the company made a significant effort to keep users’ information from getting into hands of government and outsiders of the company, recently, suppliers of the company in China managed to steal significant amount of data from the company’s internal servers.

The latest report comes via Chinese State media who reported earlier that police have arrested 20 employees from Apple’s suppliers and vendors.

However, you should note that the 20 arrested workers are not employed by Apple itself but the company’s suppliers. According to the report mentioned earlier, these employees had access to different sets of data including names, phone numbers, Apple IDs and several other information. After collecting the data, the workers sold it for more than $7.3 million.

This news comes after Chinese police started an investigation regarding sales of Apple data in the black market. The arrested people are currently at a criminal detention center and are charged for selling information illegally. Since the arrest, police have seized the computers, phones and credit cards. While police confirmed that they were able to take down the network, it’s unknown if the stolen data contains information of consumers only from China.

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