Apple to Stop Developers from Spamming Users

If you regularly use different applications in your smartphone, you might be familiar with the process of reviewing an application downloaded from official app stores as a pop-up asks you to rate the application. However, the application rating process was proving to be problematic for users as they were required to leave the application although Apple introduced in app review process with iOS 10.3. While using the API was optional, the company has now made it mandatory to use the in app review UI introduced earlier.

In addition to making the in app rating AI mandatory, Apple will now force the amount of times the prompt to rate the application can be pushed to users. With the new rule, a user will receive the prompt three times a year. Apart from that, a user won’t see the prompt for a year after leaving a review unless there’s a new version of the application becomes available.

However, this might prove to be difficult to maintain in the coming months as if a developer releases a bad update, it will attract negative reviews and even if developer fixes the problem with the application, s/he cannot ask users to update the rating for at least another year. On the other hand, if you want to turn off the entire rating system, then you can simply go to Settings, select iTunes & Apps Store, select In-App Ratings & Reviews and turn it off completely.

We have to wait to see how much of an impact the new rules have on users in the coming months.

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt

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