Apple Adds Several New Features to Its Map

Although it’s been a long time Apple has provided Map related services, it becomes pale in comparison with Google Map which is the ultimate choice for users around the world. However, the company is actively pushing to make its service popular with regular features related update. Interestingly, the company has been developing indoor location services for several years and now, the company has finally unveiled the features along with several updates to its Map during the WWDC 2017.

During the event, Apple introduced several new features with the updated Map for iOS 11. The updated map now includes indoor location for shopping malls and airports. Although the app will have increased ability to search and navigate inside shopping malls, these features will be released in selected regions. Initially, users from Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Tokyo, San Jose, Philadelphia, London, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. During the event, Apple confirmed that there will be new locations every month with updates that to follow.

Apart from these features, Apple has included stronger lane guidance and speed limit icons to make it easier for users to navigate through somewhere. Most importantly, the map will now include a ‘do not disturb’ driving function to help drivers avoid distractions while driving. If someone turns the option on, it will turn the screen of his/her phone black and if selected, the phone will respond to a call with automatic response to inform the caller that receiver is currently driving. However, with popularity of Google Map, it will be worthwhile to see if Apple manages to increase its user base as it will continue to improve the map in the coming months.

Featured Image: Pixabay/SerenaWong

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