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Volkswagen Names Its German Plant Responsible for Building Electric Vehicles

As automakers move forward to embrace the ongoing trend of electric vehicles, Volkswagen also joined the company’s to try its luck on the electric vehicle division which is set to become main driving factors of cars in the coming decades. And now, Volkswagen has named Zwickau-Mosel as the production location for its four electric vehicles model including its I.D. Electric Car concept.

The company revealed this information via a press release earlier today as it said, “The I.D. family will be a core element of this strategy. It will initially be comprised of four members, and be introduced to the market from 2020 on. The technical concept and design would be decided this year, as Brand Chairman Diess said. “In addition, we are outsourcing key components and determining the production concept.” The I.D. will be the first electric vehicle to be produced at the Zwickau plant. Compared to present-day vehicles, its production will be around 25 percent more efficient and will therefore result in another significant boost in productivity, as Diess announced.”

“Volkswagen is facing a twofold challenge when it comes to costs: On the one hand, the I.D. should be affordable and cost approximately the same as a comparable diesel. On the other hand, the entire electric fleet should be profitable from the very start.”

The proposed I.D. model is set to be a five-door hatchback with qualities that will make it affordable option for consumers. The proposed model will have a NEDC range of up to 50 kilometers and can be charged within 15 minutes. While the first prototype is expected to feature 6 months later at the Paris show, Volkswagen previously announced that the company expects to sell the model by 2020.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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