Update to Fix Enterprise Bug Rolls out Next Week

Back in March, Intel learned that some Intel-based business systems contain a firmware which had made them easier to hack and from a distance. As the enterprise features which found to be vulnerable were designed to help consumers remotely manage, track and repair huge fleets of connected computers, including retail checkout systems, digital signs, and PCs. As a result, the bug made the systems risky as a hacker could take control from long distance away. However, it seems that the company has developed a solution and has urged clients to take different steps to secure their computers.

In addition to Intel, other PC vendors like Fujitsu, HP, and Lenovo have announced that they will be rolling out the fix with an update in the coming days. Moreover, companies have released lists of devices and models which were affected by the bug. If you’re running a device that uses Intel based firmware in last eight years, then you should immediately check your company’s list to know if you are affected as computers running enterprise management features found in Intel-based firmware from the past eight years will have the bug.

The news of the bug first came from a researcher from security product provider Embedi. Earlier on Friday, the firm released a list of technical details that showed how a machine could be exploited to remotely control a machine’s mouse and keyboard and even turn the computer on or off. You can perform temporary fixes to combat the issue before the patch becomes available. If you need help, you can contact Intel’s customer support.


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