Twitter Announces New Video Partnerships

Image: Pixabay/geralt

Few weeks earlier, Twitter goal of expanding its video streaming services suffered a massive blow as the company lost out to Amazon for streaming rights for NFL games. However, the company’s dreams of bringing more users to its video streaming platform is far from over as the company earlier announced the partnership with Bloomberg that would enable twitter to stream live news whole day. Just day after the announcement, the company confirmed 16 more streaming partnerships that should contribute towards the company’s goals.

The newly introduced live streaming services include companies like BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Viacom, WNBA and PGA. If these partnerships are anything to go by, then the microblogging platform is currently heading towards making itself into a major streaming network for its already existing userbase.

These attempts aren’t new as other companies including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have introduced their own video streaming services. While other companies are currently experiencing major success with their effort, it will be worthwhile to see if Twitter becomes another success story as the platform isn’t really known for such contents. Several analysts have already pointed out that Twitter will need to convince the users to change their habits to adopt the new platform. However, with the latest inclusions, it seems that the company is moving towards its goals as the newly announced partnerships will bring diversity in the platform and most likely will attract more consumers.

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