Thailand Asks Facebook to Block Contents

Facebook in last several months have attracted host of criticisms as the network played a vital role during the US Presidential election with the platform’s fake news problem. Since then, several countries and organizations have implemented new rules to combat such contents. While the company’s policies are questionable at times, it has promoted free speech for a long period of time and interestingly, Thailand has now given the social media platform until next Thursday to remove more than 130 items from different pages.

The latest request comes after several pages promoted contents which are apparently against the established monarchy in Thailand and the country’s government is blocking any kind of content that criticizes it since the military government took over back in 2014.

Facebook has revealed that the network considers requests from governments to block materials in case it breaks local laws. Given that the established law in Thailand mentions that any critical comment on the monarchy can result in prosecution, the company is likely to be forced to remove the requested contents.

This news however, shouldn’t come as a shock as earlier last year, the country’s government said that Google agreed to co-operate the government to remove online contents that insult the government. At the time, Google said, “When we are notified of content that is illegal through official processes, we will restrict it in the country where it’s illegal after a thorough review.”

It will be interesting to see how Facebook reacts although it’s more than likely that the company will follow the order of the government.

Featured Image: Pixabay/LoboStudioHamburg

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