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T-Mobile Begins Android Nougat Update

Although it’s been a long time since Google has released its Android Nougat, older devices took a long time to get the update ahead of the upcoming Android O release later this year. Recently, Sprint announced that the carrier will be releasing the update for older devices including Galaxy S6 edge+ later next week.

This announcement comes after the carrier recently started the updating process with the Note 5 last week and company confirmed earlier on Twitter that the update is coming soon to galaxy edge+ users.

If you haven’t used the features already, then you should know that the Android Nougat adds several features including multi-language support as the newer version of operating system will give you complete control over using multiple language simultaneously without going back to settings. Apart from that, the OS brings back the multiple window settings which should help you if you are using the smartphone for multiple apps at the same time.

Whether Sprint adds the latest security update with its upcoming update remains to be seen. However, given that other carriers and smartphone makers take pretty long time before they update devices’ security patch, most likely you will get Android Nougat with March’s security patch rather than the April security patch that was released few days earlier.

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