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Rugby 18 Set to Launch This Year

Rugby is easily one of the most popular sports around the world. However, when it comes to sports simulation games, there isn’t a lot of games for enthusiasts to turn their attention to. For example, EA Sports released four rugby games in the past which had average reviews. When it comes to selling point, they failed miserably as fans around the world didn’t appreciate the average gameplay experience. All of those things are likely to change this year as a new game title Rugby 18 has been announced to debut later this year.

The Rugby 18 is a game developed by Bigben Interactive and Eko Software and the game is set to feature different teams from two of the most popular leagues, England’s Premiership League and France’s TOP 14. Apart from that, the game will feature more than 2000 players along with different game modes similar to other sports simulation games.

In a press release, the game’s managing director Benjamin Lalisse said, “As a huge sports fan, being able to work on RUGBY 18 is terrific. The team is working hard to reproduce everything that makes rugby unique as faithfully as possible. I hope fans will enjoy fully experiencing the intensity of the big matches and sharing their passion for rugby.”

The developers have pointed out the realism as the key selling point of the game as fans around the world have waited pretty long time to get a realistic game which EA Sports failed to deliver. While they are praised for giving fans something to cheer about. Moreover, given that a bigger company like EA Sports failed to deliver the perfect gameplay experience, it won’t be wise to expect revolutionary changes from the upcoming game. However, the game is more than likely to be successful and the studio can start improving the game from there.

Although Rugby 18’s release date wasn’t officially confirmed, the game will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam later this year.

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