ROKU Announces Live Streaming Channel on Twitter

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Twitter is slowly becoming a live streaming platform for its users although the platform lost out on several major deals in last several months. However, it didn’t stop Roku as it has announced live streaming video channel to enable users to watch videos which are hosted on the service. The new Twitter channel represents both video content and relevant tweets side by side like other similar services. With the newly launched service, Roku is bringing its service to other platforms aside from its video app which was previously available on Apple TV and Android TV.

Although Twitter recently missed out its NFL deal to Amazon, Roku’s new launch should come off as a revelation for the platform although the service might need some time before kicking off. The live streaming feature on Twitter is a great way to know how other people in the platform is perceiving the streamed content as traditional TV lacks the social element aspect of the services like Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t already familiar with similar services such as Facebook Live stream, then you should know that the Live-streaming on Twitter is accompanied by tweets from other users like the live commenting feature found in Facebook live streaming videos.

This announcement comes after the company recently updated its products recently as the company added boxes with 4K Ultra HD video support and more. If you aren’t a big fan of the traditional full-sized box, you can choose Roku stick which gives you same functionality with smaller product size. The new video app is available across Roku’s devices including its smart TVs and other standalone boxes and sticks.

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