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Resident Evil Movie Reboot Reportedly in Works

Over the years, Resident Evil has been a surprising movie series due to its global box office success despite other video game adaptions failing miserably to attract audiences. With the franchise bringing in more than $1 billion over the years, the studio has confirmed that the series is getting a reboot as we will see more from the franchise in the coming years.

In a recent interview with Variety during Cannes Film Festival, Martin Moszkowicz, Chairman of  Constantin Film confirmed that they are currently working on rebooting the series.

However, it’s still early stage of production and no director or cast members was mentioned during the interview. Apart from that, he didn’t confirm if the upcoming reboot will be a clean reboot or just will connect already released movie to the new one.

This is a surprising move given that the despite somewhat moderate commercial success, the whole series has been heavily criticized by critics around the world. Despite that, the movie has proven to be cash cow over the years and it’s not a surprise that the studio wants to reboot the franchise. However, the decision to reboot a series like this might come back to bite as several major movies are already in the way and video game adaptions are always risky business.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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