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Researchers Suggest that Killing Large Number of Sharks Can Have Serious Consequences

Although sharks are pretty dangerous creatures, they play an important role in balancing the ocean’s ecosystem. For example, sharks most of the times attack weak or sick prey and stop spread of diseases as well as gene pool of fishes.

As the sharks play such an important role, scientists have started to voice out against a proposed attack on the creatures to cut down their numbers. They suggested that killing out sharks isn’t likely to reduce the number of damages caused by shark attacks. On the other hand, it might have serious consequences on the ocean’s ecosystem.

In an official statement, a marine biologist at the University of Melbourne, Robert Day said, “If there is a lack of sharks, then fish and other ocean creatures that would otherwise be consumed by sharks will become too numerous and eat too many smaller creatures and so on, meaning that the whole ecosystem changes massively.”

In order to stop the hunting, researchers have pointed out the obvious benefits of different shark species. Moreover, they mentioned that hunting down the sharks might have devastating effect for the creatures as a number of species are already vulnerable and can become extinct if such hunting takes place in near future. Given that sharks repopulate slower than most of the sea creatures, killing off younger sharks would result in lower shark population.

Recently Australian senate announced that it was considering the hunting as a viable option to reduce shark attacks in the country’s beaches.

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