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Researchers Develops New Transistors that Can Switch Between two Stable Energy States

Computers have become significantly faster thanks to the growing development in the area. However, modern computer processors are still limited due to the delay when electrons travel through to transfer information. For a long period of time, researchers have been working on different technology that would make the transfer process faster and one of the most common idea is to use light as it’s the fastest transfer rate. However, in order to do that, transistors must be able to switch between energy states and researchers are unveiling transistors that could potentially be used to achieve the goal.

In re recent study, Milton Feng said, “Building a transistor with electrical and optical bistability into a computer chip will significantly increase processing speeds. Because the devices can communicate without the interference that occurs when limited to electron-only transistors.”

“You cannot remove electronics entirely because you need to plug into a current and convert that into light0. That’s the problem with the all-optical computer concept some people talk about. It just is not possible because there is no such thing as an all-optical system.”

“This is a single device that provides bistability for both electrical and optical functions with one switch. It is totally new, and we are working hard to find more new applications for the device.”

“Any electronic device is virtually useless if it can’t operate at room temperature. Nobody wants to carry a device in a refrigerator to keep it from getting too hot!”

Till now, Feng and fellow researchers have demonstrated the electro-optical stability at -50 Celsius but will need to demonstrate that devices that utilizes the technology can work in normal room temperature. Whatever happens, future is computing is looking more and more interesting as quantum computing in recent years have started to gain significant amount of interest in the community.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Recklessstudios

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