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PS Plus June 2017 with Sony’s new promise

Image: Pixabay/InspiredImages

Microsoft for a long period of time has been impressive with their offerings with their Xbox Games with Gold free games each month. On the other hand, PS Plus users have been pretty unhappy with the offerings by Sony as they become place when compared to the offerings by Sony. However, finally it seems that Sony has listened to the fan complaints as they are taking several actions to win back the customers.

During a Global PlayStation Meeting held earlier this week, Sony’s Chief Executive officer highlighted that PS Plus is one targeted area where the company is actively trying to find ways to provide better value to the customers. During the meeting, he said that the contents needs to be enhanced and should be made more appealing to the subscribers.

During the meeting, he said, “Currently, there are approximately 70 million monthly active users on the PlayStation Network. When looking just at the PS4, active users spend more than 600 million hours in total per week on the platform. The challenge going forward is how to further increase the alue of the platform by further expanding the user base and further strengthening the connection between each user and PS4 via the PlayStation Network.”

“Growth in profit of the network business will contribute to the creation of stable profit for the entire segment. One of the biggest keys to this will be our paid subscription service PlayStation Plus. In order to increase subscribers, we need to further enhance the content of the service and make it more appealing.”

Despite the latest promises, we will need to wait little longer to see if the company will delay the announcement for the PS Plus for June 2017 to improve the quality. Regardless of what the company does in future, it’s good to see that the company is taking fans’ responses to make the platform better.

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