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Path Guides App makes it Easier to Give Directions

Image: Pixabay/efes

In order to make it easier to navigate indoors, Microsoft has recently launched a new app for Android called Path Guide. If you are struggling to give direction, then the app is set to make it extremely easier for you. For example, with the latest application, you can open the app and go for a walk and the application will use your smartphone’s sensor to record the path as you move.

While the application is similar to the concept of direction you create within Google Maps, the app is much easier to use as you can create route to places without using any previous knowledge. However, the app requires some improvements before it becomes significantly popular.

For instance, the application doesn’t have significant use of the search option which might be caused by the fact that not a lot of people are currently using the application to record the data of different places. In addition to that, the application has an inconvenience when navigating indoor.

While the application has some issues, its’ more than likely to be a beta version only and we should see improvements in the coming days. If not, then Microsoft needs to work on the application before it becomes highly recommendable. If you want to try out the application, you can download the application from PlayStore or Microsoft.

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