New Research Finds that an Average Smartphone Owner Uses 10 Apps Per Day

As smartphones have become essential parts of our daily lives, developers around the world have been introducing apps to make everyone’s life easier. However, with tons of application available for smartphone, an average user is forced to use multiple apps and recently, researchers have found that a smartphone owner accesses more than 30 apps during a given month with each user launching at least 10 applications on a daily basis.

The latest findings come from App Annie, a business intelligent firm which analyzed users’ behavior from 10 countries around the world.

Talking about the application usage, the company said, “This increase in total time is largely a result of an exploding global user base.”

“However, user-level metrics, such as the number of apps used and the average time per user, are vital in understanding what lies behind the cumulative hours.”

“Apps have successfully worked their way into dozens of the tasks that we perform each month.”

“By and large, they prefer to manage their lives through apps. For many industries, apps are increasingly becoming a must-have.”

The report by the firm also revealed that Android smartphone owners spend more time on their smartphone compared to iPhone owners as the firm analyzed data related to users’ habits.

‘While time per user varied greatly between countries, it grew from 2015 to 2017 in every country analyzed, further proof of the growing dominance of apps.”

Featured Image: Maxpixel

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