This New Desktop Kit Turns Your Raspberry Pi to A Linux Desktop

If you were looking for ways to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Linux desktop computer, then we have some good news for you as a new Pi Desktop kit from Premier Farnell can turn your Raspberry Pi into a Linux desktop machine.

The latest desktop kit by the largest manufacturer of Raspberry Pi includes several features common to desktop computers. For example, the kit includes an add-on board that has an intelligent power controller, an mSATA interface, heat sing, USB adapter.

While it remains to be seen how popular the kit becomes in the coming months, the company revealed that the kit can help the Raspberry Pi users to turn a board into a fully functional Linux based desktop computer within minutes which can then be connected to a display via the HDMI interface. Talking about the product, Premier Farnell said that the kit will come with an affordable price tag of $50 and will provide users all the functions of a traditional desktop computers. However, in order to experience the complete experience, you will need to get a SSD and camera which can push price of the product little bit higher.

While these kits won’t provide you the performance you would expect from a traditional desktop pcs, in recent years, several companies have brought several products to help you to turn the Raspberry Pi into a desktop. If you are willing to make a few compromises, then you might well have decent experience with the newly announced product.

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