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NASA Rejects Trump Administration’s Request to Return to the Moon

Over the years, there has been a number of conspiracy theories why we never went back to the moon. As a result, when Trump administration requested NASA to send manned mission to the moon few months earlier, it raised some eyebrows as most of the conspiracy theories include the idea that the governments are behind humanity not going back to the moon. However, earlier on Friday, NASA rejected the request to go back to the moon’s orbit by 2019.

Since the request, the space agency spent nearly three months to see if such mission is viable and it concluded that the manned mission to the moon would be too costly for such a small time period. As a result, they have decided to launch an unmanned mission to the moon in the coming years.

This news follows to the previous reports that NASA is currently planning on launching an unmanned mission in the late 2018 which would send a capsule into a distant lunar retrograde orbit. After the request from the Trump administration, scientists have concluded that making a spacecraft ready to support life would delay the scheduled launch further and as a result, they have decided to reject the idea.

Rumors suggest that Trump wants to return US astronauts to return to the moon and send them back on the Mars as he recently vowed to unlock the mysteries of the space in his inaugural address. This report followed after rumors suggested that the president had a private meeting with Elon Musk regarding mission to Mars.

As the space expeditions are currently experiencing budget constraints, experts have predicted that Trump will end up increasing the budget for space exploration. We have to wait and see if such rumors are true.

Featured Image: Pixabay/FitzFox

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