Microsoft Is Planning on Competing With Amazon with Windows 10 PCs

As smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular, more technology companies are expanding their focus to produce more products to make the consumers’ life easier. And recent reports have suggested that Microsoft has been working on a new feature for Windows 10 to compete with Amazon Echo.

HomeHub is reportedly set to create a family environment for different features offered by Microsoft and interestingly, the company is set to enable Windows 10 in coming months to act as a hub to control as a hub to control and manage technologies related to smart homes.

The upcoming update is set to add in new welcome screen that will include an “always-on” screen to help different family members to control different features included in the operating system. In addition to that, the welcome is screen is set to support Cortana voice commands from across the room to help you control small kitchen PCs.

As you can already imaging, all of these features already exist in Amazon’s Echo smart assistant. However, as Microsoft already has an established user base, it’s likely that the company will have easier time to catch up with the competitors.

As the next major Windows 10 update is due in September, everyone is expecting that Microsoft will bring all the features to the update along with major improvements for Cortana which should help its goal of entering smart home market. In addition to improving the already existing features, Microsoft is working with other computer makers including HP and Lenovo as both of the company is set to announce major products for the holiday season soon. Microsoft is expected to reveal more details regarding the latest rumors and reports during is special event on May 23rd.

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