Latest Apple Ad focuses of iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

Apple over the years have managed to bring several interesting ads that helped the company to get connected with the target audiences easily. In last few years however, the company has shifted its focus towards informative ads they showcases different features of their devices. The latest “Barbers” ad is no different as the latest advertisement showcased how a barbershop uses iPhone 7 Plus feature to gain more customers by showcasing the feature.

The advertisement made its way to Apple’s YouTube channel and continues the company’s recent push to highlight the mode exclusive to the larger iPhone 7 model releasing an ad entitled “The City” from two weeks earlier. That advertisement showed how a pair was using the smartphone’s Portrait mode to capture their adventure in a city.

The effect isn’t revolutionary although it has been reserved for high end DSLR cameras and one of the most prominent feature in the iPhone 7 Plus model. The smartphone combines the dual lenses along with machine learning to capture image to keep the subject sharp and in focus while the background is blurred out.

Earlier last week, Apple introduced a special website that focuses primarily on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus photography. The website is introduced to help you to learn how to shoot without flash and taking a closeup.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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