Kingsman 3 Will Continue the Story from the End of Kingsman 2

In recent years, not a lot of movie has gone without a sequel after becoming major box office hit and often times, sequels fail to live up to expectations. Despite that, Kingsman 2 is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year and time will tell if the sequel can live up to fans’ expectations. While we will need to wait little bit longer to find out more, director Matthew Vaughn is pretty confident that the third movie of the series is already in the plan and will continue where Kingsman 2 finishes.

According to Variety, Matthew Vaughn recently revealed that he and Jane Goldman had already planned out the third movie when they were writing the script of Kingsman 2. Interestingly, he compared the movie to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back due to a cliffhanger. He said, “When we were writing it, we were thinking about Kingsman 3 too. This is the bridge, if we can pull it off and get to make another one.”

While that might be a bit of overselling, we have to wait bit longer to find out if we will get to watch Kingsman 3 in future. If box office figure is the case, then the directors can be pretty relaxed as the first movie managed to cross $414 million worldwide and was well received by critics. Although the movie is set to be a major box office hit thanks to excitement about the movie, the director revealed that they won’t be rushing into making another sequel just for the sake of making one. He said, “Hollywood does a lot of sequels, and they don’t enhance the experience normally. ’Kick-Ass 2′ was a big learning curve of how not to make a sequel. We didn’t set out to make a terrible film.”

While it will be interesting to see how the movie turns out, it’s more than likely that we will see a third movie. However, in rise of something unexpected, that might not be the case. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set for release on September 22 of this year.

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