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Keywords Buys XLOC

XLOC was founded back in 2004 as a web based global localization management solutions and since then, it have managed to create an integrated content management system for video games which works with any video games. Recently, service provider Keywords Studios has announced the purchase of XLOC with a deal worth $0.9 million.

The company has released a note saying that Keywords will expand the scope of their services in the coming months. Both of the founders of Stephanie O’Malley and Mason Deming, will remain with the group along with their team.

Keyword Studio’s Global Head of Localization services Fabio Minazzi said, “We are delighted to welcome XLOC’s talented team to Keywords Studios, having worked well together and recommended each other’s solutions across many game titles over several years. XLOC brings to the group a scaleable, leading, proprietary software application that is embedded in to the localization processes of games developers.  Its system is relied upon from an earlier stage than Keywords Studios has typically been involved and will enable the group to provide integrated software and services across the full localization cycle, in addition to offering XLOC as a standalone solution.”

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