Intel Core i9 to Target High End Computer Market

Intel for better part of last decade have dominated the computer market although the company recently confirmed that they will be shifting their focus towards areas of technology which possess untapped potential. While that sounds wonderful, AMD just made Intel’s life little bit difficult with the latest Ryzen release which means that the company will need to keep up with the competitors in order not to lose the market.

Since the release, Ryzen has been a massive success for the company as Intel has reportedly set to release new products in the early June. While these products include new Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X products along with their accompanying X299 chipset, a new leak suggest that the company is making several high end CPUs to keep up with the market competition. Rumors suggest that the company is set to name the new quad-core Kaby Lake-X CPUs would get the Core i7 branding, while hexa, octa, 10, and 12-core Skylake-X CPUs would receive the Core i9 moniker.

While core counts didn’t matter in the recent years, AMD is apparently pushing Intel to bring more innovative products to keep its dominance in the processor market. However, the company is rumored to target high end markets with the upcoming i9 processor which means that you might need to spare a hefty amount of money in case you want the latest and most powerful Intel processor. Whatever happens, it seems that the consumers are set to receive benefits of increased innovation.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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