Google Home Now Supports Ambient Sounds

Image: Google

Smart assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home is attracting a large number of customer base and the companies are currently introducing new features faster than before. However, when it comes to functionalities and other features, most often we associate them with increased productivity or source of entertainment. As Google home is becoming an integral part of smart home in case you decide to go with the Amazon Echo alternative, the company has decided to introduce another feature that will help you to calm down after having a stressful day as Google is giving its Home speakers some ambient sounds that should help you to relax and enjoy your time after long day at work.

As a large number of people opt to go with relaxing music to go to sleep or to calm their nerves, Google has decided to go with similar music although its Home speakers support a large number of music. For example, the current music include forests, rivers, oceans, country night time, thunderstorm, rain, or even oscillating fans.

If you are interested in using the service, you will need to use the usual phrase “OK Google” and “Hey Google” to get started with the speakers. Afterwards, you can use the catchphrase “Help me relax” and you will be able to play a random sound from the playlist. Alternatively, you can also choose to ask the assistant to play specific sound and the duration of the sound. By default, the looping audio sound lasts for an hour.

Although Google has confirmed that the latest ambient sound feature for its Home Speaker is available for US markets, users from other markets have started reporting that they are getting relaxing tunes as well. As a result, if you haven’t received the update already, you might get the update in the coming weeks.

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