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Google Explains Android Apps’ Absence from Chromebooks

Although it’s been ages since Chromebooks have been available for consumers, still users are far from getting access to Android apps anytime soon.

If you were expecting that Google would announce some interesting news during its annual I/O conference, you might be disappointed to learn that the company didn’t reveal any significant detail regarding Android Apps’ availability on Chromebooks. However, the company ran a dedicated session to teach developers ways to make their apps available for Chromebooks and larger screen devices. During the opening session, the company revealed Google Maps and Hangouts but even Google’s applications aren’t tuned in for larger screen devices.

As the biggest problem associated with the Android is the apparent lack of compatibility with wider screens. These issues include optimizing apps for landscape mode in addition to portrait; allowing for adjusting an app’s window size; and tweaking input approaches to suit a laptop with a keyboard and mouse.

While it is known that these optimizations will improve user experiences significantly, the main problem is still lies in wider screen as applications developed for smartphones look odd in Chromebooks. However, Google has introduced several tools in its newest Chrome OS window manager. As the android apps on Android N or later can be resized, it might open up new possibilities for Android apps for windows. However, such functionalities are still a long time away and there’s no definite date when we are finally going to get the app compatibility.

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