Gigabyte Launches Pantone Certified Laptop

Although Gigabyte is largely known for bringing PC components that serves everyone’s needs, the company entered laptop market with some of the most powerful laptops few years back. If you are satisfied with the laptop’s overall performances in the past, then you will be glad to learn that Gigabyte recently announced its first Pantone-certified laptop built for professionals who rely heavily on color accuracy.

While the newly announced laptops feature decent hardware configurations which are suitable for gaming, the biggest selling point of the new models is that the models are first Pantone certified laptops.

Pantone is one of the most important aspects for artist as the display can match the colors used in physical Panton color space. While in the past companies mentioned support for Adobe RGB, sRGB and others, newly launched laptop is the first till date to support the color space. Gigabyte said, “Before each and every Aero 15 leaves the factory, they are calibrated individually with the calibration technology provided and strictly governed by X-Rite Pantone. This further ensures that each display is showing consistent and accurate colors, so professionals know exactly what results they will be getting.”

With laptops like Aero 15, it’s clear that the company is targeting high end consumers who want to do more with their machines. However, as of now, the company hasn’t released any official date for the laptop’s release. So we’ll need to wait little bit longer to find out more about the laptops.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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