Frequency and No Tomorrow Have Been Cancelled

It’s that time of the year when networks decide which shows to renew and which shows should be axed from the networks. While there have been several renewals so far by CW, other networks remained pretty patient regarding renewal of a show. However, two shows have their future sorted out as reports earlier confirmed that both Frequency and No Tomorrow won’t be returning to television in the fall after both of the series were cancelled.

This news is not highly surprising given that Frequency was just another time travel series during the current season and didn’t have the highly intriguing storyline. At the time though, it seemed that the show had a future given that it would air on CW which has recently started showing similar stories. However, too many shows of same caliber might have been to reason for the downfall as all other shows already have their established audiences. As a result of this, the show never attracted viewers as it averaged mere 1.4 million viewers on the network.

On the other hand, No Tomorrow was a type of miniseries which is difficult to prolong as it had a small focus. However, the show featured even worse numbers as it had an average of only 1 million viewers throughout the season. As networks will make their decisions soon regarding all of the major television series, stay tuned to know more about your favorite television show.

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