Flash’s Co-Runner Talks about Savitar

Flash’s Co-Runner Talks about Savitar

Flash’s Co-Runner Talks about Savitar

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Waring: Spoiler Ahead.

When The Flash returned for season three, few would have expected the show to feature in the way as it has throughout the current season. While the reveal of Savitar as a future version of Barry didn’t surprise a lot of comic book fans, it’s certainly intriguing to see how the writers of the show decides to go with his story. And recently, Flash’s co-creator Andrew Kreisberg commented on the ‘heartbreaking’ story of Savitar.

He recently said to Entertainment Weekly, “Those scenes that are coming up over the next few episodes, as everyone gets a real glimpse of this person, it’s this mixture of both horror and sadness. His visage is obviously very upsetting — seeing the scar and the milky white eye, but also seeing the person that you love be so twisted. Barry Allen, who probably has the gentlest soul of all of the characters in the Arrow-verse, to just see how far he could fall, he’s both terrifying, but it’s also heartbreaking.”

As the latest comments reveal, Barry won’t be a complex character like other major characters set in the Arrow universe. For example, throughout the five seasons of Arrow, we have seen time to time Oliver questioning his intentions to save the city. While Barry is proven to be different throughout the show, it’s intriguing to see him face his worst enemy as the current season comes to a close.

As of now, we don’t know for sure how Barry will defeat Savitar but given that the showrunners have already confirmed that upcoming season of the show won’t feature any speedstar like all of the three seasons, it’s good that The Flash is facing himself as the fastest man before shifting focus of the show. The Flash airs at 8 P.M. on Tuesday nights on CW.

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