Facebook’s News Feed Chief Explains the Rocket Feature

Image: Pixabay/Digitalpfade

Over last couple of months, users around the world have noticed the newly implemented rocket feature in the Facebook’s news feed. While there were different explanations to the icon so far, the company didn’t confirm the role of the new feature officially and recently, Facebook’s head of the News Feed confirmed that the rocket serves to show users contents from pages they haven’t liked so far.

Talking about the new feature, he said, “People can learn about new stories from sources they are not connected to. He explained that the goal of the rocket is “to connect people with the stories that matter to them.” The information stream in the rocket ship tab is curated by Facebook based on algorithms that deduce a user’s interests by their Facebook usage patterns.”

He explained that the social networking giant prefers to experiment different features faster to introduce new features as fast as possible. He said, “We believe deeply in experimenting and failing fast, and then learning from those mistakes and not repeating them. I try to make sure my teams have the leeway to try a lot of things, to be really smart and skeptical and curious. When things don’t work, we call a spade a spade and when they do, we nurture them, grow them and give them more resources.”

We will have to wait and see if the newly introduced feature enhances user experiences as the social networking platform attracted heavy criticisms over last several months and the newly implemented feature might prove to be counter-productive as users of the platform might end up following pages which are responsible for spreading fake news.

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