Facebook to Debut Original Television Program in the Coming Months

Image: Pixabay/kirstyfields

According to latest reports out on Saturday, Facebook is actively working on producing around two dozen of television shows with plans to premier them as early as next month.

This news comes after other rival companies have like Amazon, Apple revealed plans for introducing several programs in the video programming market.

Although the idea is pretty unconventional, with more than 2 billion users, Facebook can become a major player in the industry as the company considers scripted shows as key to retain its users. Apart from attracting young generation to spend time on the social media, the social networking giant hopes that the upcoming shows will attract sponsors which are found in the traditional television program.

This news comes shortly after YouTube confirmed earlier that the streaming network is currently developing free-to-view original content in an attempt to increase engagement even further in the network. In the past, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the social networking platform has plans to attract more users with episodic content and it is the first time the company has come out and confirmed specifics regarding the programs. Whether or not the programs attract a lot of viewers will be interesting, but, with existing userbase, the company can lure a large number of viewers easily to its products.

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