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Facebook to Add Option to Chat Privately During Live Events

Social networking sites like Facebook is trying to become a streaming service provider as in last couple of months, popular social networking platform including Twitter has signed several deal to stream contents. Unsurprisingly, during these events, viewers leave comments which at times are unrelated to the ongoing event. In order to avoid other users from getting distracted, Facebook has decided to add functionality to the live streaming feature that will enable users to chat in privately without pausing the live video feed.

The social networking platform is calling this ‘Live Chat with Friends” which is basically real-time, text-based viewing parties. As of now, the company is testing out new feature before releasing the full version in the coming months. As Facebook has several deal for streaming sports related events, chances are, the company will release the functionality before the new season starts.

While the new feature can be useful for several reasons, the company in recent months has seen several horrific crimes live streamed on the platform. In order to protect its users from exposure to such videos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company will add 3,000 employees to remove the contents. As the company added the live video feature to help content creators to get more fans, the company should be implementing several methods to protect its users.

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