Drake’s Performance at the Billboard Music Awards to be Something Spectacular

It’s been nearly two years since Drake has performed live on TV although he has become increasingly popular over the years. This year was no different and he has a possibility of winning 22 different awards on Billboard Music Awards night in different categories including Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist, and Top Rap Album. Understandably, the rapper will perform live at the event.
The confirmation has come from executive producer of Billboard Music Award Mark Bracco who told Billboard earlier, “We were talking with Drake’s people for months about doing the show. Obviously he then became the biggest nominee, and (we tried) to come up with something really different and unique and exciting and spectacular.”
He added, “We built a real terrific relationship with his team, working creatively with them and coming up with a big idea, and I think it’s gonna be a very, very big moment in the show. It’s not a surprise, necessarily, but it’s gonna be a moment that people aren’t exactly expecting. It’ll be memorable, I promise you that.”
After the confirmation, all of us need to wait and see how the event unfolds as there’s a possibility of new debut song or even announcement of new album. Whatever happens during the night, it’s true that the rapper’s increasing fame will continue in the coming years.

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