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Cyborg Movie Is Set to Come in 2020

DC Universe hasn’t been exactly what the studio might have hoped for as the movies in the franchise have been heavily criticized despite being major box office hits. Although a solo Cyborg movie is set for 2020 release, there hasn’t been a lot of confirmation regarding the movie. For example, the studio is yet to confirm a director. However, Ray Fisher recently claimed that everything is fine and the movie is on track to meet the official release date.

Recently the actor confirmed at the City of Heroes convention that the movie is indeed in the works although there hasn’t been several changes in the entire movie universe. For example, the studio might have hoped for a better critical response to most of the movies that have debuted so far since the initiation of the universe. However, as the studio is desperately trying to catch up with Marvel, they are producing movies which are being thrashed by critics and understandably, the studio will be pretty cautious regarding a little known character like Cyborg. While there may still be three more years, DCEU hasn’t exactly been up to par with MCU. For example, due to massive trust that fans put in MCU these days, Marvel managed to pull off massive risk with Guardians of the Galaxy. In case of DC however, such move can prove to be dangerous as most of the characters didn’t have solo movie before the Justice League comes out later this year. There are rumors that the studio is waiting for fans’ reaction to different characters before going into productions.

Previously, it was rumored that Ray Fisher will appear as Cyborg in the upcoming The Flash movie. However, as of now there is no director with the script is being rewritten. With the official release date still a long time away, we should hear from the studio in the coming months.

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