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Business Can Now Send You Advertisements via Direct Messages

Twitter has been struggling a lot lately as the company lost out major deals in last few months. As advertisements are still the largest contributing factors to the company’s net revenue, the platform is apparently bringing more features to help you spread the word in case you are a business owner. While users never asked for the service, Twitter has enabled an option for advertisers to send messages to your inbox.

The company said in an official statement, “This new card will help businesses drive discovery of such experiences both through promoted tweets and organic sharing. Using a Direct Message Card, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video creatives, and include up to four fully customizable call-to-action buttons.”

After you have opened a message, you can see some call to action buttons which can be used to reach advertisers directly to start one-to-one conversations. Based on your service, you can offer bots to provide solutions to problems. Interestingly, the company though the newly implemented option is one way to do automated marketing using bots. In addition to bots, you can also choose real human beings on the other end.

This new feature isn’t likely to make the platform any better as it can increase the number of spams. With everyone is already being bombarded with spams on internet, the newly implemented feature will add more spam in your inbox and increase annoyance. Few months earlier, Facebook added similar functionality to its messaging platform along with WhatsApp and now Twitter felt the need to add the feature. We will need to wait several weeks before we can understand how the users react to the changes.

Featured Image: Pixabay/stux

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