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Blind Al Set to Return in Deadpool Sequel

Although it was a risk, Deadpool became a surprise hit at the box office. As a result, not a lot of fans were surprised when the studio announced that the sequel of the movie is happening and we will see more of Wade Wilson. Although there isn’t any confirmation regarding the star of filming, the cast members are coming together pretty nicely. And recently, it was confirmed that Leslie Uggams will be returning to play the role of Blind Al from the first movie.

During a party for the show The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, the actress confirmed that she will be back as Blind Al for the sequel. Although her role in the movie was pretty small, the character had some of the funniest scenes with the main character. Aside from her, Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapicic both will return to their respective roles after the success from the first movie. Apart from the old characters, several new characters are also set to make their debut in the upcoming sequel. It was confirmed earlier that Atlanta Star Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin will be playing the roles of Domino and Cable respectively.

The movie is set to be a massive hit as John Wick co-director David Leitch is set to direct the sequel after Tim Miller left the project after having creative differences. Although there is no official release date of the movie confirmed by Fox, the sequel of Deadpool is set to arrive later next year. If that’s the case, then the shooting should being this year to meet the official release date and we should learn more about the project in the coming months.

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