Apple Is Reportedly Bringing the Headphone Jack Through Wireless Charging

Apple attracted a host of criticisms as the company ditched the traditional headphone jack from the company’s latest iPhone model. In recent months, rumors surrounding the highly anticipated iPhone 8 have gained significant pace as the tenth anniversary phone is likely to feature an interesting design with glass panels on the front and back, and a stainless steel mid-frame sandwiched between them. Rumors also suggested that the Palo Alto based company is ditching the traditional home button in order to feature a bigger screen. Now, rumors started surfacing that the company will bring back the traditional headphone jack amid criticisms as mentioned earlier.

While Apple included a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter to accommodate the older headphones, users didn’t have any way to charge their phones when using the port. Apparently, Apple is providing a solution to this problem by using wireless charging feature with the upcoming phone.

If the rumors are correct, then the company will include wireless charging ability with the upcoming smartphone to free up the charging port which can be used as the headphone adapter. However, these rumors should be taken as a grain of salt although they come from sources which has provided correct information in past.

Although we know that wireless charging and headphones will become commonplace in future, it’s still far from becoming main choice for consumers. If you are a big fan of the wireless headphone and were facing the problem to charge your iPhone while using your headphone, then the company is working towards meeting your needs which is commendable although ditching the headphone jack was a mistake if you consider the established user base.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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